Sales Enablement Large And Strategic Deals Point Of View

Sales Enablement Large And Strategic Deals Point Of View

One of the best definitions of Sales enablement is “the process of providing the sales organization with the information, content, and tools that help salespeople sell more effectively. The foundation of sales enablement is to provide salespeople with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process.”

Gartner indicates ( ) that the top three sales challenges for 2018 are: 1. New customer acquisition, 2. Sales talent acquisition and growth and 3. Existing account retention and growth. The top initiatives assessed are, 80% of sales leaders consider skills development and sales enablement critically important to success in 2018 and, 2 in 3 sales leaders will focus on account and opportunity management.

“54% is attributed to Enhancing Business Analytics Capabilities and Metrics”, but unfortunately with just 36% of confidence levels. You got it right, business intelligence for Sales is a prime area of Sales Enablement. While the other two areas are Pursuit/Proposals Playbook and Pursuits/Proposal Automation.

It is half past the year 2018, congratulations to all my friends who achieved their Q1 or H1 targets. I am now referring to those friends who are yet to get there. You are still chasing an uphill task, uphill task bigger, complex and more strategic than the last year. Your revenue goals set for 2018, your customer acquisition chase plans and target $$$ numbers are staring at you. You have the best lead-gen teams and the right presales/proposal writing and solutioning teams. Right strategies and appropriate market needed partnerships are in place. There exists enough leverage from intermediaries and 3rd party consultants. You have got a bigger spend budget than the last year for your BD activities. You have churned the “non-performing” human resources too.

Besides the above strategic angle, there are backroom enablement and operational issues. BANT, Buyer persona, GPCTBA, Win -ratio, OM, sustenance ratio, projection, pipeline, WIIFM, funnel, etc are almost the most heard lingo, probably more than your own breath sounds, especially when you are with your BU/P&L leaders.

The answer to your question or question to your answer is are you “really sales enabled” to reach those numbers? Have you acquired the right tools and aids? As Gartner predicts (as always), do you have these right arms:

  1. Business Analytics Capabilities – win loss pattern, sour and sweet spots, your win themes, competition analysis, positioning and packaging your offerings, tiger teams to defend proposals
  2. Pursuits/Proposal Playbook (customized for 2018) – modified pursuit playbook or Framework for solutioning, presales, bids and proposals team to support you
  3. Pursuits/Proposal Automation – ability to reuse your already existing digital assets for quick solutioning and engaging prospective customers with the right value proposition

While having ace sales team is one aspect, enabling the in-house solutioning, presales, bids and proposals teams is another major one.

I wholeheartedly wish all my sales, presales, bid management and proposal writing teams good luck in achieving their numbers.

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