About Us

Welcome to the Techies Meetup

Techies Meetup is a leading event organizing and management company, providing a common platform for professionals across industries and sectors to meet, interact, collaborate and participate in knowledge sharing and networking. We offer a wide range of knowledge based services through business conferences, corporate workshops, learning and development programs and trainings.
We are a team of professionals with passion and integrity, backed by years of event management experience and proficiency in the learning and development domain.
We create opportunities for professionals to learn from industry experts and think tanks who have created a niche for themselves, and are willing to share their vast knowledge and real-time experience to empower and equip upcoming and young professionals with the requisite skills for growth and success in the global corporate world.


To be a leading provider of knowledge services to the business and practitioners community.


Collaborate and cooperate with commitment, mutual respect and trust
Uphold a culture that regards integrity and business ethics.
Promote and endorse intellectual development.


To engage global business and practitioners community as specialized facilitators of technical knowledge.

What we do?

There is an ever growing demand for skilled professionals in specialized areas like Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, Agile, Software Testing, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, and DevOps. In addition, corporate houses expect their employees to be adept in project management, process improvement, performance management, agile methodology, etc.
We at Techies Meetup cater to this need by organizing and commissioning conferences and events, thus providing a community platform for training, educational conferences, business events, corporate workshops and public workshops.
Techies Meetup has emerged as the foremost world-wide congregation of academic researchers, CXOs market leaders, think tanks, industry experts and technology developers.
Our events are organized in the Americas, UK, mainland Europe, and the Asia Pacific. We have our offices in Canada and India.

We Are Always at The Forefront
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